Veterinary Services

At Washington Family Vet Clinic, we offer a comprehensive list of veterinary services in St. George, UT to help care for your pet!
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Our Veterinary Services

Learn more about the services we offer at Washington Family Veterinary Clinic. Our amazing veterinary team strives to provide the best possible service through every stage of your pet’s life!

Pet Emergency and Urgent Care

We have a veterinarian and personnel on duty five days a week who are trained and equipped to handle any urgent care your pet has. Usually, an emergency team consists of at least one veterinarian and several technicians working together to save a pet’s life. Emergencies can be things such a snail bait poisoning, hit by a car, and chocolate ingestion. If you ever feel that your pet needs emergency treatment, do not hesitate to call or come in immediately. If possible, it is best to call before coming in so that a team member can advise you on your particular emergency.

We are also available for urgent care when the condition is not life-threatening, but you feel your pet needs to be seen before you are able to get an appointment. Our veterinarians will work to “squeeze” you in between scheduled appointments. When you arrive, our receptionists will be able to give you an estimate of how long you may have to wait in order to be seen.

Pet Dentistry

Animals can suffer from plaque and tartar build-up just like us. They can also get broken and infected teeth that can abscess and be very painful. We offer complete dental care, including digital oral radiographs to locate diseased teeth which cannot be determined by visual exam only.

Digital Veterinary Radiology

We offer radiology exams for your pets to show how well organs or tissues in the body are functioning. Scans can also be used to detect disease or other health conditions.

In-House Veterinary Laboratory

We offer in-house diagnostic laboratory testing for our patients and are able to perform in-hospital testing for complete blood counts, chemistry profiles, and urinalyses which allows a more timely diagnosis and treatment for your pet.

Pet Laser Therapy

WHAT IS LASER THERAPY? A surgery-free, drug-free, noninvasive treatment to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and speed healing. Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy uses a beam of laser to deeply penetrate tissue without damaging it. Laser energy induces a biological response in the cells called “photobiomodulation,” which leads to reduced pain, reduced inflammation, and increased speed healing.

HOW IT WORKS: The laser light is delivered through a non-invasive handpiece to treat the affected area. Your pet may feel a gentle and soothing warmth. Most treatments take a matter of minutes.

WHAT ARE THE COSTS? Treatment protocols are unique to each patient and condition. Therefore, treatments will vary in time, complexity, and cost. Laser therapy can be used to enhance other treatment plans recommended by your veterinarian.

Access to CT Machine Use

A CT machine can be used to provide three-dimensional, diagnostic images of animal anatomy with a clear spatial resolution of tissues. The CT scanner enables us to offer convenient and effective care for your pet.

The scanner can diagnose inner-ear disease, sinus disease, and metastatic lung disease and can perform full-mouth dental radiographs within minutes.

Pet Wellness Plans

Routine wellness visits are a great way to help your pet live a healthy life for as long as possible. These visits can also help the Washington Family Vet Clinic team catch potential health issues earlier and may help you avoid additional costs associated with treatments if the disease goes undetected. We have multiple plans for your pet’s needs.

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Limited Orthopedic Surgery Procedures

We offer limited orthopedic surgical procedures that can bring the canine limb back to a normal or near-normal state. If your pet is scheduled to undergo orthopedic surgery, they will require heavy sedation and supplementary oxygen, as the procedure may take several hours for completion.

Veterinary Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a fast and painless way to visualize your pet internally. We use this technology to check for issues and illnesses relating to the organs in the abdominal and chest regions. An ultrasound needs minimal preparation beforehand, but because pets must be still, sometimes mild restraints and sedatives are necessary.

Pet Tonometry

Tonometry measures intraocular pressure to diagnose glaucoma. Glaucoma is caused by the build-up of fluid within the eye. Abnormally high pressure can damage the optic nerve, leading to vision loss.

Veterinary Cryogenics

Cryotherapy in dogs consists of ice or freezing therapy. The dog is exposed to extreme cold by various methods including but not limited to placing the dog in a cryotherapy chamber for a brief period. Cryotherapy in dogs is used as a treatment for various illnesses and ailments. Most veterinarians focus cryotherapy on smaller areas by applying cold packs, using an extreme cold or ice bath, or freezing a small area on the dog.