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      SPAY                                                               NEUTER
   All Cats         $140                                          All Cats               $105 
            Dogs                                                                     Dogs
  0 -    25 lbs     $205                                           0  -   25 lbs       $180
26 -    50 lbs     $220                                          26  -   50 lbs       $195
51 -    75 lbs     $235                                          51  -   75 lbs       $210
76 -  100 lbs     $250                                          76  - 100 lbs       $225
Over 100 lbs     $280                                         Over 100 lbs       $250

Surgery price includes: 12 hour pain injection prior to surgery,  helps reduce swelling after surgery and the animal does not feel immediate pain following surgery. Also included is an IV catheter for direct access to the vein in case of an emergency, and a courtesy nail trim.

IMPORTANT - Vaccines are required to be up to date at time of surgery. If they are not, we can up date them the day of the surgery.  Take Home Pain Medication and Blood Work are
not included in price.  

Feline vaccines: FVRCP and Rabies- $22 EACH

Canine Vaccines: DA2PP and Rabies- $22 EACH

Take home pain medication for dogs - based on weight.  Cost: $18-$30

Take home liquid pain medication for cats.  Cost:  $30

Pre-Operative (Pre-Surgery) Blood Work
Recommended for Feline & Canines over 5 years of age. Required over 7 years of age Cost: $80.00

Elizabeth collar to keep your pet from licking at the incision site- $13-$16 depending on what size fits your pet best.

2514721.jpg ist2_4890727_red_kitten.jpg

Over population....the facts are simple.  There are just too many pets and not enough homes.  In every community, in every state, there are homeless animals.  In the United States there are an estimated 6-8 million homeless animals entering animal shelters every year.  About half of these animals are adopted, and tragically, the other half are euthanized.  These are healthy, sweet pets who would have made great companions.  The number of homeless animals varies by state-in some states there are as many as 300,000 homeless animals euthanized in animal shelters every year.  These are not offspring of homeless "street" animals-- these are the puppies and kittens of cherished family pets and even purebreds.Spaying/neutering helps dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives by eliminating or reducing the incidence of a number of health problems that can be very difficult and/or expensive to treat. It's better to spay your female pet before she goes into heat for the first time.  This reduces the risk of breast cancer and eliminates the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer in your dog. Neutered males will not develop testicular cancer and their risk for developing prostate cancer is greatly reduced. 

Spayed/Neutered pets are, typically, better behaved and more calm and affectionate than those that are not spayed / neutered.
Spaying a dog or cat eliminates her heat cycle, thereby eliminating regular bleeding, and the incessant crying and nervous behavior that often accompanies the heat cycle.
Neutering decreases the animal's desire to escape and wander the neighborhood in search of a mate.  Spaying keeps unwelcome male animals away.

Millions of pet deaths each year are a needless tragedy.  By spaying and neutering your pet, you can be an important part of the solution.  Contact us today and be sure to let your
family and friends know that they should do the same.

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